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Jos elämme, elämme Herran omina, ja jos kuolemme, kuolemme Herran omina. Elämmepä siis tai kuolemme, me kuulumme Herralle. Room. 14:8

I can experience a blessing in the fellowship of believers

8.3.2017 06:02 | Jenna Lahti
Every fall we have a Mother’s Camp here in Arizona. It is a refuge from the world for one weekend, a chance to be uplifted in faith and to share our burdens. The discussions always flow freely and every year I marvel that I’m not alone. The same thoughts and doubts the devil brings are also shared by so many others and it’s ok to share these burdens. In Hebrews it says “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”
But luckily, we need not wait for opportunities like Mother’s Camp. We’ve been blessed with many other ways to gather throughout the year. I have really enjoyed my morning visits with various friends. A benefit of being a stay at home mom has been the many chances I get to sit with a friend and sip coffee while the kids play at our feet. These visits can break up the monotony that caring for the home and family can be. Although the kids bring much joy and laughter, the daily tasks can become  repetitive and this young mom becomes restless.

Volunteering at camps, in the kitchen at church or with fundraisers allows visiting with new people at times. Especially at camps where we are away from home and working many hours together, I have made new friends who I wouldn’t typically visit with on a regular basis. These visits have reminded me that we are of one flock. We have our first craft market coming up in a couple months and it has been fun to attend the craft nights where we can visit and laugh while doing something we love. When shared with friends the work is easy and the night goes quickly. With our desire to build a church we have been fundraising as much as we can. One fundraiser that happens often is wedding catering at the nearby congregation of Phoenix. This duty brings both men and women of our congregation into the kitchen to feed the masses. I have really enjoyed these events and have gone home tired but happy.

We may find ourselves visiting most of the time with family where it is comfortable and familiar. But we may also experience a blessing when we approach some less familiar people in services. Even the kids have made new friends in this way. It is so good for us to visit with different God’s children of all ages both and to keep our mind and heart open to those around us.

Different trials have also brought different friends into our life. With the loss of a baby, we connected with others who lost loved ones. This has been one huge blessing that came with our trial. We were young and had not had too many chances to serve our brothers and sisters, yet so many reached out and served us through the days of mourning. We quickly learned of the loving arms of the congregation mother.

Our youth (haps) group in our small congregation has been very small but slowly growing over the past few years. We have really enjoyed hosting them in our home. Our young children really benefit from it as they look up to these teenagers so much and follow their examples.
A dear mother at the past Mother’s Camp shared her thoughts and experiences of how important it is to bring your children to the gatherings of God’s children. I found it a nice reminder for us younger moms who can feel so busy and the task of getting the little kids out the door in time for church is never too easy. Even though the toddlers can make church feel like a circus, I have never regretted bringing them to services. It is good to remember that these days will pass and by going to services our kids will develop lasting relationships with those believing friends they see week after week. When your ultimate goal is heaven, it is refreshing and comforting to visit with others who share this same goal.


Jenna Lahti

I was baby number five in a family of twelve. We had a happy, believing home in Washington state. After graduation I moved to Arizona to marry my best friend and we have made Phoenix our home for over ten years now. I stay at home to raise our five children. We try to travel to see family in Minnesota and Washington as often as we can. When we can't, we enjoy filling our small home with friends both young and old.

Jenna Lahti

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