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Vieraskieliset / In-english

Blog: Lo­ne­li­ness of se­ni­ors is a prob­lem

Vieraskieliset / In-english
27.5.2016 6.28

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1.1. 23:32

The lo­ne­li­ness of se­ni­ors is fre­qu­ent­ly dis­cus­sed at our time. It seems to be a comp­lex prob­lem.

I be­lie­ve that most se­ni­ors would like to live in their own home un­til the end of their life. The home of even a big fa­mi­ly gra­du­al­ly be­co­mes emp­ty, as the child­ren le­a­ve to live their own li­ves. They be­gin to study or find a job, of­ten far away from home. This is the na­tu­ral cour­se of life.

Over the time, adult child­ren grow apart from their child­hood home. When they mar­ry, they start a fa­mi­ly and be­co­me com­mit­ted to their spou­se. And be­fo­re you even re­a­li­ze – there are on­ly Grand­ma and Grand­pa left. And fi­nal­ly, on­ly one of them is stan­ding alo­ne on the emp­ty yard or watc­hing through the win­dow the wind blow away the le­a­ves from the trees.

What could we do? We need hob­bies. It would be good to find some hob­bies while we are still yo­un­ger. There are many to choo­se from. By par­ti­ci­pa­ting in or­ga­ni­za­ti­ons and as­so­ci­a­ti­ons we can even be­ne­fit ot­her pe­op­le. Such par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on al­so helps to main­tain our men­tal fa­cul­ties and func­ti­o­nal ca­pa­ci­ty.

We al­so need good friends. I have found it very re­war­ding to at­tend the bi­week­ly se­ni­ors’ mee­tings at our rau­ha­nyh­dis­tys. I be­lie­ve you can make it there even if you do not feel in top form. Those with in­tact phy­si­cal ca­pa­ci­ty can al­so at­tend some of the nu­me­rous clubs and cour­ses avai­lab­le at adult edu­ca­ti­on ins­ti­tu­tes and cen­ters. One might on­ly need a friend­ly nud­ge and in­vi­ta­ti­on.

I grew up in a home with three ge­ne­ra­ti­ons. Life on a farm was full of in­te­res­ting things. Child­ren were al­lo­wed to par­ti­ci­pa­te in all work, and most of the work was done in a be­au­ti­ful na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment.

There were sin­ging birds and the ditc­hes and ro­ad­si­des that were full of flo­wers. We went fis­hing with Grand­pa, and Grand­ma cle­a­ned the fish that we caught. Oh well, what was I sup­po­sed to write about? The lo­ne­li­ness of se­ni­ors. But we knew not­hing about it then.

Sirk­ka Junt­ti­la

Trans­la­ti­on: S-L.L.

The blog post was pub­lis­hed in on­li­ne Päi­vä­mies on 12 Feb. 2016


Jee­sus sa­noo: "Niin kuin Isä on ra­kas­ta­nut mi­nua, niin olen minä ra­kas­ta­nut tei­tä. Py­sy­kää mi­nun rak­kau­des­sa­ni." Joh. 15:9

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