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Fat­her – Cre­a­tor

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Vieraskieliset / In-english
5.12.2019 15.13

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2.1. 11:02

God is al­migh­ty. As the Al­migh­ty, God is the foun­da­ti­on of eve­ryt­hing. He is pre­sent eve­ryw­he­re, sees all, knows all, is right-min­ded and per­fect­ly good.

God has cre­a­ted all with His word. But the Cre­a­tor’s cre­a­ti­on work is not li­mi­ted to the be­gin­ning of life and the world. The world is not in the hands of a blind des­ti­ny. With His word, the Al­migh­ty con­ti­nuo­us­ly cre­a­tes and main­tains that which He has cre­a­ted.

Trus­ting in the Al­migh­ty

We can not comp­re­hend God’s al­might-iness with hu­man un­ders­tan­ding. But in faith, we trust that God and His plans are be­hind eve­ryt­hing. Faith brings forth trust in God as the Fat­her who le­ads life and whose care we can re­sort in.

Trust in God’s al­migh­ti­ness may wa­ver if we run in­to dif­fi­cul­ties, suf­fe­ring or evil in our li­ves. Or when life does not go as a per­son would wish. Or when it feels as though one self knows the me­a­ning and pur­po­se of their own li­ves bet­ter than God does.

The al­migh­ty God’s wis­dom and will are kept sec­ret from pe­op­le, and of­ten in the face of tri­als one must humb­ly and qui­et­ly be sa­tis­fied with the words Je­sus taught: “Yo­ur will be done”.

God al­so tes­ted Job from the Bib­le, who in the end re­bel­led against His will. Then God re­min­ded Job of His al­might iness.

The Lord of life and de­ath

God’s al­migh­ti­ness al­so inc­lu­des His po­wer as the Lord of life and de­ath. God’s cre­a­ti­on work is per­fect­ly holy. Man does not have the right to take birth and de­ath in­to his own cont­rol. Man can on­ly try to ho­nor and pro­tect life. The Bib­le of­ten re­minds us of life’s pe­ris­ha­bi­li­ty and de­ath.

Its in­tent is not to scare or vaunt po­wer, which God most po­wer­ful­ly shows in birth and de­ath. God’s word’s task is to re­mind pe­op­le that life can­not be de­pen­ded on, be­cau­se it is pe­ris­hab­le and is ta­ken away from us in de­ath.

Fat­her’s good­ness

Can the al­migh­ty and good God exist, if evil hap­pens in the world? As the Al­migh­ty, God is not a ty­rant or ter­ror who ru­les with fear and vi­o­len­ce. God is righ­te­ous; in ot­her words a right-min­ded and good Fat­her. But God does al­low suf­fe­ring to hap­pen in the world.

Lut­her cal­ls it God’s “stran­ge” work. With this work He humb­les pe­op­le, und­res­ses them of their po­wer and gui­des them to re­sort in Christ.

Pe­ter wri­tes: “Humb­le yo­ur­sel­ves, the­re­fo­re, un­der God’s migh­ty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all yo­ur an­xie­ty on him be­cau­se he ca­res for you.” (1 Pe­ter 5:6-7)

Faith gi­ves the strength to see that God’s work in the world is good des­pi­te the tri­als of life. The con­ti­nu­a­ti­on of life, care for lo­ved ones, pe­a­ce and joy are examp­les of God’s inf­lu­en­ce in cre­a­ti­on. ❏

Text: Ant­ti Koi­vis­to

This ar­tic­le is pub­lis­hed in the book “Us­kon aak­ko­sia” SRK 2012.

Tran­las­ti­on: An­ge­la Hän­ni­nen


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