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Jeesus vastasi fariseuksille ja lainopettajille: "Taitavasti te teette tyhjäksi Jumalan käskyn, jotta voisitte noudattaa omia sääntöjänne." Mark. 7:9

Blog: City home

in English 30.5.2016 06:59 | Päivämies-verkkolehti
It is weekend, and the living-room sofa is calling me. Then I hear that a friend has suggested a spring trip. I wonder if spring is a season when you are especially eager to respond to good ideas. I’m coming, I say. I am a newcomer in this group of old friends, but I already feel at home with them. I drive the Ford, listen to their news, and tell them what has been happening in my life. We end up at the observation tower and eat artisan ice-cream. 
We are living our first spring here. We spent the autumn and winter walking and learning our way around. Come on, let’s go this way. This was a good route. I found it by accident when I lost my way last time. It makes me feel more familiar with the place when I am beginning to learn the best routes, the lanes to take at the rush hour, and the order in which the lines of cars begin to move out of the crossings at green light.  When I have fixed my bike, I find a different reality again, and it is easier to get around in traffic jams. Wow, is this really so near? We could come here every day.

When I was a little boy, I went to some festive occasion where a blind lady read a poem. Why do I remember that? Probably because that lady was blind. Another reason was the cranes. I did not understand much of the poem, but there was something about cranes in it. That is just about all I remember, but I think the poem was about our native country. For some reason, after all those years, that memory has come back to my mind.

Although I have always liked nature and rural landscapes, there are moments when I feel strongly at home in the city. It is easy to imagine the urban drive in the history of this city, when people began to erect large buildings by the rapids in the waterway and cranes rose against the sky. God created lakes and forests, but He also created people to build villages and cities.

It is easy to compare living environments. There are times when I feel myself a stranger wherever I happen to be, sometimes in the city, sometimes in a less crowded place. I would not like now, or even when I am old, to make a difference between memorable moments based on whether I was sitting in the bustle of the city with my friends eating kebab rolls or at a lakeside camp fire. Both environments may give rise to memorable moments, maybe even spontaneous genuine discussion

I guess I will, even when I am an old grandfather, drive my ancient Ford out of the garage and visit my familiar home town to refresh memories and eat a kebab roll.

Olli-Antti Hintikka
Translation: S-L.L.
The blog post was published in online Päivämies on 24 May 2016.


city home

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