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Herra, neuvo minulle tiesi, että noudattaisin sinun totuuttasi. Ps. 86:11

Blog: Everyday angels

in English 29.7.2016 06:22 | Päivämies-verkkolehti
On a perfectly ordinary Monday we get a phone call from our friends. Bring your kids here and take an evening off, they say. For once I feel I have no problems getting on the road: the right hat goes on the right head, the mittens are put on in no time, everybody is in the car, let’s go.
When you have a big family, free evenings are often rare and far apart. But only one week previously our neighbor, Liisa, had offered to look after our children while my wife and I enjoyed a luxurious moment of peace and quiet in a coffee shop. I am happy to say, however, that our normal life is not so hectic that we would need regular breaks simply to manage. At work, too, if you always only wait for the weekend, you will be estranged from actual work. If you seriously dislike your work, you can always find another job. But that strategy does not work with a family.

Walking by someone’s side and supporting them does not always even require any big effort. A phone call, a text, a friendly inquiry of how we are doing, or warm greetings make us happy. A permission to look after our children and to let us go out on our own is a great way to help. Maybe one day I will myself be able to venture a heroic offer of this kind and tell the parents of small children to go and enjoy a free evening.

People usually think that life with a large family is hard work. It is certainly true that I have no time to idle around. I must plan my hobbies so that they do not take up too much time. Still I do not want to live my life only dreaming of the time when I can have more freedom: when my kids are older, when this and that…  and so on. Isn’t is a great source of joy and happiness to be able to spend time with our children, to follow their growth, to build lasting relationships?

Where there are children, there is a golden age. We read these encouraging words from the card of some friends who came to see our new baby. I want to share this message with all of you. Working on the routines of daily life, we may not always recognize the treasure that we have in our children.

Oh, should you not be trusting Him
when you behold your children?
The little ones are His reward
the greatest in His kingdom.
Shall He who feeds and clothes the wrens,
on thirsting lilies showers sends,
forget to feed the children?
The more the glad rejoicing souls
that gather round the table,
the more the praise of Jesus’ grace
shall sound among the faithful.
Wherein they trust the living God,
that home will know His peace and love
and reap eternal bounty.

(SZ 534: 5–6)

Juho Mäenpää
Translation: S.-L. Leinonen

The blog post was published in Finnish in online Päivämies on 29 April 2015.

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