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Jeesus sanoi: "Näin viimeiset tulevat ensimmäisiksi ja ensimmäiset viimeisiksi." Matt. 19:29

Blog: Letter to my friend

in English 5.8.2016 11:30 | Päivämies-verkkolehti
For many long years you stood on the borderline. One of your feet was in childhood faith, the other in the current of doubts and defiance.
I could sense this in you, in the long quiet periods, in the way you came and left again. I sensed it in your speech, in small everyday details.
Many of the people close to you had given up, had adopted a new way of thinking and a modern attitude amenable to reason. And their life and everyday reality were not in shambles, they were not suffering from pain like skin being burnt by fire. You and your friends have healthy life values. You will do fine in life. I hope.

We talked about life and eternity when your close friend lifted his remaining foot from childhood faith. I wanted to strengthen you but did not know how. And you still wanted to keep your faith, though you were standing alone like a seed-bearing tree in autumn wind on a clear-felled opening.
Quite some time ago your friends hesitantly asked about you. They did not ask you directly because they were afraid of being too clumsy and crushing the tender shoot. I hoped they might have been wrong then, and maybe they were. It was all that time ago. 
Perhaps you had been carrying the burden of doubts for a long time. Things that used to seem right had begun to seem like rules and constraints. Such a burden wears out even a strong person. Childhood faith becomes weak without nourishment, without the mercy of the gospel and the supporting arms of friends. You were carried away by the current, the shoreline of childhood faith was reduced to a narrow line between the sky and the water, and finally waves washed it all away into fading foam. You took a new course.
Faith is a gift of God that you received as dowry at birth. Faith remains in the heart if it is nourished and nurtured by the instruction of the Holy Spirit. When the voice of the Holy Spirit grows weak in the conscience, the gift of faith is lost. In Paradise already the voice of the Holy Spirit was drowned by the serpent’s tempting offer. This can happen to any of use even today. And this was why Jesus came into the world and atoned for our sins.
On All Saints’ Day we remembered the friends who had passed away. In the evening dusk we lit a candle on the grave of a dear one. While standing at the grave, we thought about the shortness of life and about Him that gives life and takes it away. We do not know when our time here will end. From the human viewpoint, the life of the dear one for whom we lit the candle had ended far too early, halfway through a normal life span.
I wish you a good life, but even more I wish you a good eternity. We do not believe for this life. I wish you time, my friend, time to find your way back. Time to stop and look back, time to hear and listen to the call. I wish you courage and enough strength to believe, even feeling your weakness, your unbelief and all sins forgiven. Come back.
Pekka Lassila
Translation: S.-L. Leinonen

The blog post was published in Finnish in online Päivämies on 12 November 2015.

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