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Vieraskieliset / In-english

Blog: New journey

Vieraskieliset / In-english
16.5.2022 6.00

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8.4. 12:18

Text: Tar­ja Kor­ri

Trans­la­ti­on: Sirk­ka-Lii­sa Lei­no­nen

I am more than fif­ty ye­ars old, and I have ne­ver had any big plans for life. My life has simp­ly pas­sed from one stage to the next. I was born in­to a be­lie­ving fa­mi­ly in Ni­va­la, where I have li­ved there all my life ex­cept for one sing­le ye­ar. In ad­di­ti­on to my pa­rents and sib­lings, my grand­fat­her al­so li­ved in our home. He was dear and im­por­tant to me. I was Grand­pa’s girl. He took care of me when I was lit­t­le, and I took care of him la­ter when he was sick.

When I look back at the past, I can see that I have had a good and bles­sed life. I could not have had any bet­ter plan for my­self. Af­ter high school, I did not en­roll in the study prog­ram that was avai­lab­le, be­cau­se I had al­so been of­fe­red a job. I was gi­ven a spou­se and child­ren and a new home. We had fif­teen child­ren, of whom one on­ly li­ves in our me­mo­ries. In bet­ween the child­ren, I wor­ked for al­to­get­her thir­teen ye­ars. I am gra­te­ful to my emp­lo­yers, who taught me to work and in­te­ract with pe­op­le and al­so to ma­na­ge life in ge­ne­ral. I have now been a stay-at-home mot­her for more than 20 ye­ars, and that has sui­ted me well. My hus­band and I star­ted an en­terp­ri­se more than 20 ye­ars ago, and that has pro­vi­ded me an op­por­tu­ni­ty to work. I have been ab­le to do most of that work at home.

Thin­king about life, I of­ten won­der about the fu­tu­re. Even when we were yo­un­ger, we were awa­re that our plans could be al­te­red any time by a sud­den il­l­ness or some ot­her unex­pec­ted fac­tor, but now I tend to feel that life is a bit un­cer­tain all the time. If I have a plan that re­ac­hes even slight­ly bey­ond to­mor­row, I tend to pre­fix it with ‘if’. The on­ly cer­tain thing is that God knows our fu­tu­re and will gui­de us through it.

I re­mem­ber I very much en­jo­yed le­ar­ning new let­ters and wri­ting them ti­di­ly bet­ween the li­nes in my exer­ci­se book. I star­ted by wri­ting on li­nes and then mo­ved on to write free­ly. And there was not­hing more fun at school than wri­ting in cur­si­ve and wri­ting sto­ries.

I could ne­ver have gu­es­sed at that time that I would be of­fe­red a big op­por­tu­ni­ty like this to write for an au­dien­ce. When I was as­ked about my wil­ling­ness, I nee­ded to think about it over­night be­fo­re ac­cep­ting. I would love to, but how dare I? The idea of blog­ging for three ye­ars see­med a long time and a big ef­fort. What would I have to give to a re­a­der in a life si­tu­a­ti­on very dif­fe­rent from mine? If any re­a­der re­cog­ni­zes him- or her­self in my text, they can be sure that their role has been im­por­tant and sig­ni­fi­cant for me and has deep­ly af­fec­ted my life.

As a no­vi­ce blog­ger, it seems safe to know that my emp­lo­yer is mer­ci­ful. They have pro­mi­sed to ad­vi­se and cor­rect me. I do not need to be alo­ne with my thoughts. I hope I can write about the joy of be­lie­ving, my gra­ti­tu­de for life and the pros­pects of hope and love. I ex­pect, ho­we­ver, that there will be mo­ments when light is overs­ha­do­wed by sor­row and even fear. Those mo­ments are part of this jour­ney. And the name of this jour­ney is Life.


Herra on kuningas! Riemuitkoon maa, iloitkoot meren saaret ja rannat! Pilvi ja pimeys ympäröi häntä, hänen istuintaan kannattavat vanhurskaus ja oikeus. Ps. 97:1–2

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