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Blog: No con­fir­ma­ti­on pic­tu­re was ta­ken

Vieraskieliset / In-english12.11.2021 11.50

Last sum­mer I was ab­le to at­tend the con­fir­ma­ti­on ser­vi­ces of three grandc­hild­ren. They were fes­ti­ve oc­ca­si­ons. The yo­ung con­fir­mand may even be a bit em­bar­ras­sed as the cen­ter of at­ten­ti­on, sur­roun­ded by his or her grand­pa­rents, god­pa­rents, ot­her re­la­ti­ves and friends who have come to ce­leb­ra­te.

Blog: Give me time!

Vieraskieliset / In-english2.9.2021 7.00

We were le­a­ving on a trip. It was al­re­a­dy late on Sun­day eve­ning, and our son, who usu­al­ly just drops in brief­ly, kept sit­ting in our home. Fi­nal­ly, I had to go out to take our bags in­to the car. Unex­pec­ted­ly, the boy came out with me and be­gan to share his thoughts. He felt at­t­rac­ted to a girl, but was not cer­tain about his own fee­lings, nor the girl’s fee­lings. I en­cou­ra­ged him to con­tact the girl and to ask her if she would like to le­arn to know him bet­ter.

Blog: Ce­me­te­ry pe­a­ce

Vieraskieliset / In-english31.8.2021 7.00

This past sum­mer I spent a lot of time at Toi­ja­la ce­me­te­ry, be­cau­se my mot­her is no lon­ger ab­le to take care of our re­la­ti­ves’ gra­ves. For many ye­ars al­re­a­dy I have plan­ted flo­wers on the gra­ves in Toi­ja­la and al­so on my grand­pa­rents’ gra­ves in Lem­pää­lä and my sis­ter’s grave in Ur­ja­la. My mot­her, ho­we­ver, has been res­pon­sib­le for wa­te­ring the flo­wers on the ne­ar­by gra­ves. Fin­nish sum­mers are of­ten so rai­ny that wa­te­ring has not been a ma­jor task.

Blog: If life had gone dif­fe­rent­ly

Vieraskieliset / In-english29.8.2021 7.00

Have yo­ur so­me­ti­mes won­de­red what life would be like if things had gone dif­fe­rent­ly? If you had not fal­len ill. If you had been ab­le to go to the sum­mer ser­vi­ces. If there had not been an an­gel to pro­tect you in an ac­ci­dent.

Blog: Light and shade un­der the sun

Vieraskieliset / In-english27.8.2021 7.00

Bril­li­ant red and blue flo­wers, white rib­bons and fresh green everg­reens against a backd­rop of gloo­my late Oc­to­ber night. Some ye­ars ago I went to the ce­me­te­ry in the night to take pic­tu­res. I was due to keep a ser­mon and was loo­king for stark cont­rasts, ima­ges of dark­ness and light, bright­ness and som­ber­ness. I was ab­le to cap­tu­re all that in one pic­tu­re.

Blog: Should I give feed­back?

Vieraskieliset / In-english25.8.2021 7.00

I have of­ten come ac­ross si­tu­a­ti­ons where it would have been good to give feed­back. Too of­ten, ho­we­ver, I have not gi­ven any. For­tu­na­te­ly, there is still time to le­arn and de­ve­lop this im­por­tant skill.

Blog: Week­da­ys and ho­li­da­ys

Vieraskieliset / In-english23.8.2021 7.00

On­ly some of the days in our uni­que and va­lu­ab­le li­ves are ”holy days”. For most of our li­ves we toil away at our dai­ly tasks and du­ties. We work hard from day to day and es­pe­ci­al­ly hard be­fo­re a ho­li­day, so that we can then ful­ly en­joy and ap­p­re­ci­a­te the free­dom from la­bor. Sla­ving away, I would call it!

Blog: Ele­venth hour

Vieraskieliset / In-english21.8.2021 7.00

Many of us know the fee­ling of ha­ving to rush to an ap­point­ment or get­ting an as­sign­ment done just be­fo­re the de­ad­li­ne. Some may even ha­bi­tu­al­ly wait un­til close to the de­ad­li­ne be­fo­re they ac­comp­lish their task. This may be es­pe­ci­al­ly true of stu­dents pre­pa­ring for an exa­mi­na­ti­on or wri­ting a pa­per. Some even say that they work most ef­fi­cient­ly kno­wing there is not much time left.

Blog: Growth, flo­wers, and po­ta­to­es sprou­ting on my win­dow sill

Vieraskieliset / In-english29.6.2021 16.35

I can­not say exact­ly when I be­ca­me a plant ent­hu­si­ast. I am in­te­res­ted in hou­se plants, cut flo­wers, and even edib­le plants. The ama­zing growth of plants is fas­ci­na­ting and ma­kes me dream of new plant in­di­vi­du­als.

Blog: Pan­de­mic en­ter­tain­ment

Vieraskieliset / In-english29.6.2021 16.30

We are well in­to the se­cond ye­ar of the co­vid pan­de­mic. What a stran­ge time it has been! So­me­o­ne told me about their use of time, sa­ying that if they need to go to the post of­fi­ce to get a pac­ka­ge, that is the on­ly thing they can fit in­to their day. How hap­py I would be now to have even one pro­per thing to do eve­ry day. But that is not al­wa­ys the case. On those days I read the dai­ly pa­per more ca­re­ful­ly than ever. If there is not­hing el­se, we will go to the ne­ar­by rail const­ruc­ti­on site to see if the work is prog­res­sing well.

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Her­ra sa­noi is­ra­e­li­lai­sil­le: ”Älä sor­ra muu­ka­lais­ta; olet­te­han it­se­kin ol­leet muu­ka­lai­si­na Egyp­tis­sä ja tie­dät­te, mitä on elää vie­raas­sa maas­sa muu­ka­lai­se­na.” 2. Moos. 23:9

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