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Blog: Stu­dent’s mind

Vieraskieliset / In-english20.8.2019 6.03

I am wri­ting this du­ring the Stu­dents’ Men­tal He­alth week. We have all kinds of theme days and spe­ci­al weeks no­wa­da­ys. I usu­al­ly hard­ly no­ti­ce them, but I made a note of this week in my ca­len­dar. I al­so pos­ted some pic­tu­res and thoughts on this to­pic on my so­ci­al me­dia ac­counts.

Blog: Care and com­pas­si­on

Vieraskieliset / In-english12.8.2019 10.56

It is a bril­li­ant March day. I sit down to rest my feet and wait for the cof­fee to drip. I just came in af­ter a skiing trip. The sun spark­led on the snow, and my skis made a nice crunc­hing noi­se on the snow. Spar­rows twit­te­red in the shrub­be­ry, and wa­ter was drip­ping cheer­ful­ly from the ea­ves. While skiing wit­hout any ca­res, my me­mo­ries tra­ve­led back to some old events and ex­pe­rien­ces.

Blog: Weigh­ty mat­ters

Vieraskieliset / In-english6.8.2019 6.05

I am stan­ding in front of a mir­ror and trying to obey the wo­men’s ma­ga­zi­ne that tel­ls me to be con­tent with my­self.

Blog: Re­a­son or emo­ti­ons

Vieraskieliset / In-english22.7.2019 6.02

”Pe­op­le have a per­va­si­ve il­lu­si­on that they make their de­ci­si­ons ra­ti­o­nal­ly, alt­hough their li­ves are of­ten do­mi­na­ted by emo­ti­ons”, says a well-known Fin­nish brain spe­ci­a­list Lau­ri Num­men­maa.

Blog: Do they just think one gets used to it?

Vieraskieliset / In-english16.7.2019 6.08

Again she wants to hear that same song. I choo­se it on the pla­yer, cho­king back my te­ars. I can­not sing along, af­raid that my voi­ce will break and show them all I am about to cry. I keep my ey­es on the road and grasp the stee­ring wheel tight­ly, to pre­vent my te­ars from flo­wing. I al­most hate that be­au­ti­ful song, be­cau­se I hate this si­tu­a­ti­on, my help­les­s­ness and the des­pe­ra­ti­on I feel when my child al­wa­ys wants to hear this song. And yet it is good to know that, by again choo­sing it, she wants to tell me how she is fee­ling.

Blog: Ser­vi­ces and so­ci­al life

Vieraskieliset / In-english9.7.2019 6.58

My mot­her and fat­her used to take us all to ser­vi­ces on Sun­da­ys. When I was a lit­t­le boy, we used to go to ser­vi­ces at Ou­lu rau­ha­nyh­dis­tys. I re­mem­ber the dark grey ba­nis­ters, and I think there was a bal­co­ny ups­tairs. There was pro­bab­ly al­so an or­gan.

Blog: Cal­led to seek

Vieraskieliset / In-english25.6.2019 6.49

I had seen those ha­zi­ly be­au­ti­ful card­bo­ard pic­tu­res on the wal­ls of many ot­her hou­ses: there was one of Je­sus stan­ding in a boat and spe­a­king to a group of pe­op­le gat­he­red on the shore and anot­her of Him alo­ne hol­ding a sheep.

Blog: The mor­ning when eve­ryt­hing stop­ped

Vieraskieliset / In-english11.6.2019 6.45

About two ye­ars ago, on an or­di­na­ry Thurs­day mor­ning, our whole life see­med to turn around. My fat­her had slip­ped and fal­len on the yard.

Blog: Bys­tan­der

Vieraskieliset / In-english28.5.2019 6.13

I open the win­dows of the pub­li­ca­ti­ons sale booth. Ser­vi­ces are due to be­gin, and pe­op­le are ar­ri­ving. They are stam­ping snow off their shoes, loo­king around for so­me­o­ne they would like to see, pul­ling off their co­ats.

Blog: Is it dull?

Vieraskieliset / In-english14.5.2019 6.09

This was not part of the dre­ams I had as a yo­ung girl – the home of a sing­le per­son. But this home is my own home, and it is al­wa­ys a joy to come back here. Yet I dre­a­med of so­met­hing dif­fe­rent. Were they fu­ti­le dre­ams be­cau­se they did not come true? I do not think so. When you dream about so­met­hing, you ne­ver know whet­her or not yo­ur dream will come true. If we were ab­le to know all things be­fo­re­hand, life would seem qui­te emp­ty.

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