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Blog: Friendship

Vieraskieliset / In-english13.6.2022 6.00

I was re­qu­es­ted to send a vi­de­o­ta­ped birth­day gree­ting to a mu­tu­al friend. The birth­day was ce­leb­ra­ted wit­hin the im­me­di­a­te fa­mi­ly, and the vi­deo gree­ting was to be a surp­ri­se to this friend of mine.

SRK:n kuva-arkisto

SRK:n kuva-arkisto

In Mutual Gatherings, We Talk about Faith and Doctrine

Vieraskieliset / In-english10.6.2022 11.00

There have been many dis­cus­si­ons with the goal of re­sol­ving di­sag­ree­ments that have emer­ged in North Ame­ri­can Chris­ti­a­ni­ty.

Blog: Talking about health – living with diabetes

Vieraskieliset / In-english6.6.2022 6.00

Do you have ex­pe­rien­ces of yo­ur body not func­ti­o­ning well? Or do you have a hard time fin­ding a ba­lan­ced diet?

Blog: The surprising end of a summer vacation

Vieraskieliset / In-english30.5.2022 6.00

My hus­band can be qui­te sec­re­ti­ve. While sha­ring his life with me, he has pro­bab­ly le­arnt that he should pre­sent new ide­as with a thought-out plan, or ot­her­wi­se they may chan­ge in the “sup­re­me court”, as he is fond of sa­ying. Well, I don’t know about that.

Blog: Thoughts about writing, writing about thoughts

Vieraskieliset / In-english23.5.2022 6.00

”I do not know what I think be­fo­re I write about it.” This is what the wri­ter Joan Di­di­on is re­por­ted to have said. I think I un­ders­tand well what she me­ans. While re­a­ding ex­pands our men­tal world, wri­ting helps to or­ga­ni­ze its con­tent. In­comp­le­te thoughts have their va­lue, but the need to put them in­to wri­ting is un­comp­ro­mi­sing: what exact­ly do you think, and what pre­ci­se­ly is yo­ur opi­ni­on? What can be said cle­ar­ly has been thought cle­ar­ly.

Blog: New journey

Vieraskieliset / In-english16.5.2022 6.00

I am more than fif­ty ye­ars old, and I have ne­ver had any big plans for life. My life has simp­ly pas­sed from one stage to the next. I was born in­to a be­lie­ving fa­mi­ly in Ni­va­la, where I have li­ved there all my life ex­cept for one sing­le ye­ar. In ad­di­ti­on to my pa­rents and sib­lings, my grand­fat­her al­so li­ved in our home. He was dear and im­por­tant to me. I was Grand­pa’s girl. He took care of me when I was lit­t­le, and I took care of him la­ter when he was sick.

Blog: Thoughts about dressing

Vieraskieliset / In-english9.5.2022 6.00

Ye­ars ago I read an ar­tic­le in which a yo­ung per­son as­ked, ”Do be­lie­vers have to wear a cer­tain kind of de­sig­ner clot­hes?”

Blog: This I have to take seriously

Vieraskieliset / In-english2.5.2022 6.00

It came to pass, one day in De­cem­ber when I was away on a wor­king trip, that I found an email in my per­so­nal mail­box. I chec­ked the tit­le, saw it was so­met­hing about blogs, and al­most swi­ped it in­to the junk fol­der, so it would not dis­turb my thin­king. I have an in­for­ma­ti­on ma­na­ge­ment sys­tem whe­re­by all un­ne­ces­sa­ry and dist­rac­ting mes­sa­ges are im­me­di­a­te­ly scrap­ped, those about so­met­hing that can be de­le­ga­ted are for­war­ded, those that re­qui­re at­ten­ti­on are de­alt with, and anyt­hing ne­ces­sa­ry is arc­hi­ved. My daugh­ter, who is stu­dying eco­no­mics, re­cent­ly told me that, wit­hout kno­wing it, I have been using the traf sys­tem.

Blog: What if I laughed, touched and had the courage to trust

Vieraskieliset / In-english25.4.2022 6.00

I wis­hed for more laugh­ter this ye­ar. I would like to hear child­ren gig­g­le with ge­nui­ne joy or howl with de­light and my dear ones laugh hap­pi­ly, chuck­le be­ne­vo­lent­ly, tit­ter be­hind their hand, or dis­sol­ve in un­cont­rol­lab­le laugh­ter. In ad­di­ti­on to he­a­ring pe­op­le laugh, I would de­fi­ni­te­ly love to join them, so­me­ti­mes ti­red enough not to know if I am laug­hing or crying (the ot­hers kno­wing even less).

Blog: Children’s rights

Vieraskieliset / In-english19.4.2022 12.00

Whe­ne­ver I think about the Day of Child­ren’s Rights, I won­der what that day re­al­ly me­ans. We sel­dom think very pro­found­ly about the rights we had as child­ren – or have now as adults. At le­ast I feel that I was born and grew up in ma­te­ri­al abun­dan­ce with many rights. We sel­dom think that many of the things we con­si­der self-evi­dent are inac­ces­sib­le to many pe­op­le. Or at le­ast they need to work hard, of­ten even at the risk of their li­ves, to at­tain those things.

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Minä asun korkeudessa ja pyhyydessä, mutta asun myös murtuneiden ja nöyrien luona. Minä virvoitan murtuneiden hengen ja herätän eloon nöyrien sydämen. Jes. 57:15

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