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Blog: Fa­mi­ly wee­kend

Vieraskieliset / In-english30.4.2019 6.01

It was Fri­day. The week had been busy and full of unex­pec­ted events. I had ta­ken one child to a den­tal ap­point­ment and anot­her to the he­alth cli­nic and had at­ten­ded the pa­rent-te­ac­her mee­tings of se­ve­ral child­ren. I had not been ab­le to fit all of the se­ven pa­rent-te­ac­her ses­si­ons in­to one week, so there would be more to do af­ter the wee­kend.

Blog: Do I trust, do I dare?

Vieraskieliset / In-english16.4.2019 6.04

The child in my arms re­ac­hes out his hand to brush my face. His dimp­les slow­ly dee­pen and laugh­ter spark­les in his ey­es. I see his ab­so­lu­te trust, the light that shi­nes forth. I qui­et­ly save this mo­ment in my me­mo­ry and let my­self be im­mer­sed in ten­der­ness.

An in­terp­re­ter in mis­si­on work in Rus­sia

Vieraskieliset / In-english5.4.2019 14.33

When I read the Bib­le I no­ti­ce the rich­ness of the lan­gu­a­ge and the mul­tip­le me­a­nings of the words. I can un­ders­tand some Fin­nish Bib­le texts more cle­ar­ly when I read the Rus­si­an Bib­le.

The lit­t­le old lady with dough­nuts in her back­pack

Vieraskieliset / In-english5.4.2019 14.29

Mart­ta Kois­ti­na­ho (1918–2008) li­ved in a small vil­la­ge in nort­hern Fin­land. For ye­ars and ye­ars she hel­ped her friends and neigh­bors in many dif­fe­rent ways.

A buil­der of hou­ses helps to build the cong­re­ga­ti­on

Vieraskieliset / In-english5.4.2019 14.20

What is it like to be ser­ving in a La­es­ta­di­an cong­re­ga­ti­on in Af­ri­ca? Ni­co­las Deh from Togo tel­ls us about his du­ties as a spe­a­ker of a lo­cal cong­re­ga­ti­on and the pro­cess of es­tab­lis­hing La­es­ta­di­an Chris­ti­a­ni­ty in West Af­ri­ca.

Ser­ving ot­hers rein­for­ces the bond bet­ween be­lie­vers

Vieraskieliset / In-english5.4.2019 13.52

When Paul wri­tes about God’s cong­re­ga­ti­on to the cong­re-ga­ti­on of Co­rinth in Gree­ce, he re­fers to it as the body of Christ.

Blog: Sup­por­ti­ve thoughts

Vieraskieliset / In-english2.4.2019 6.58

I have mo­ved back to my child­hood home. I am sit­ting at the kitc­hen win­dow with my mot­her. My mot­her says:

French goes live

Vieraskieliset / In-english19.3.2019 6.52

We all need a ton­gue: wit­hout it we could neit­her eat, nor speak. In Fin­nish we use the same word to re­fer both to our phy­si­cal ton­gue and to the lan­gu­a­ge that we speak.

Mot­her-daugh­ter wee­kend

Vieraskieliset / In-english5.3.2019 6.48

What do we do for a wee­kend with the girls? We talk and laugh and talk some more. We en­joy de­li­ci­ous me­als and some spe­ci­al tre­ats. And we talk again. We walk and drive around, loo­king at all the lo­ve­ly hou­ses. We shop for a win­ter coat for the mot­her and fai­ry lights for a sis­ter. We talk about what each of us has been doing and how the fall time has gone. What things we have scre­wed up, and what things we could ce­leb­ra­te and high-five.

Blog: My first let­ter to my fu­tu­re wife

Vieraskieliset / In-english19.2.2019 6.08

I sent my first let­ter to my wife – then the tar­get of my dis­tant ad­mi­ra­ti­on – 50 ye­ars ago. We still have that let­ter, but I have not read it sin­ce I mai­led it. Now I de­ci­de to read it. If I re­mem­ber cor­rect­ly, the let­ter en­ded in an exp­li­cit qu­es­ti­on, to which I ex­pec­ted to get an ans­wer. I do not re­mem­ber how pre­ci­se­ly I for­mu­la­ted that qu­es­ti­on, but in plain lan­gu­a­ge I me­ant to ask: “Would you like to be my girlf­riend?”

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