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Prop­het Isai­ah saw he­a­ven’s fe­ast

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The word of the gos­pel tel­ls of the sac­ri­fi­ce and the work of ato­ne­ment that are ac­cep­tab­le to God. Prop­het Isai­ah fo­re­told of that per­fect ato­ne­ment sac­ri­fi­ce, Je­sus Christ. Isai­ah was al­so al­lo­wed to see a fe­ast pre­pa­red on Mount Zion and the mar­ri­a­ge fe­ast of the Lamb. This vi­si­on of hope is still of­fe­red to be­lie­vers in the word of God. We can al­so get a fo­re­tas­te of he­a­ven’s fe­ast in the Lord’s Holy Sup­per.

Turn yo­ur­sel­ves, and live ye

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God ta­kes care of His child­ren like a shep­herd ca­res for his flock. He se­arc­hes for, tends, and feeds his sheep. The Good Shep­herd does not avoid sin­ners or drive them away, but lo­ves them and cal­ls them to Him. God par­dons the weak and pe­ni­tent in His king­dom.

Righ­te­ous­ness, pe­a­ce, and joy – the tre­a­su­res of God’s king­dom in our he­arts

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In his let­ter to the Ro­mans, Paul te­ac­hes about God’s king­dom: It is that which we ex­pe­rien­ce in­ter­nal­ly, and it is not a qu­es­ti­on of ex­ter­nal mat­ters. God’s king­dom is righ­te­ous­ness, pe­a­ce, and joy.

God’s love gi­ves birth to joy

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Love is the dis­tinc­ti­ve mark of the king­dom of God. The love of the Good Shep­herd brings forth joy. A fol­lo­wer of Je­sus Christ re­joi­ces over the gift of faith and the hope of eter­nal life. The gos­pel gi­ves us strength to be­lie­ve and to love ot­her child­ren of God.

Co­ming to the he­a­ring of God’s word

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The im­por­tan­ce of he­a­ring God’s word is emp­ha­si­zed in the Bib­le. The Apost­le Paul wrote: “So then faith co­meth by he­a­ring, and he­a­ring by the word of God”. It is im­por­tant to gat­her to­get­her to hear what God wis­hes to make known to us through his Spi­rit. But faith does not come un­less the Holy Spi­rit does work in the pre­ac­her of the word and in the lis­te­ner.

The bles­sing of the Sab­bath

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Man needs rest. God gave man­kind the Sab­bath day as a bles­sing and a sour­ce of joy. The most im­por­tant mes­sa­ge of the com­mand­ment ”Re­mem­ber the Sab­bath day to keep it holy” is the sanc­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the holy day. We can take a break from the bu­sy­ness of eve­ry­day life and qui­e­ten to hear God’s word.

Con­si­de­ra­ti­on for ot­hers is ser­ving with love

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Res­pect for one’s neigh­bor is a va­lue that can be seen in our dai­ly life. It is ap­pa­rent in our speech, views, ac­ti­ons, and at­ti­tu­de to­ward our neigh­bors, su­pe­ri­ors, aut­ho­ri­ties, go­vern­ment, and mu­tu­al mat­ters. There is much talk about a lack of res­pect in our time. At ti­mes it seems res­pect for ot­hers has suf­fe­red from inf­la­ti­on. This is a wor­ry among many who are brin­ging up and te­ac­hing child­ren.

Ser­vant of the Word

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The task of a ser­vant of the word is ba­sed on the mis­si­on com­mand gi­ven by Je­sus. Those who be­lie­ved in Je­sus were gi­ven the task of brin­ging the gos­pel to all parts of the world. The cong­re­ga­ti­on cal­ls ser­vants of the word from among its mem­bers. It is their task to pre­ach the word of God on the ba­sis of the Bib­le.

No one knows the mo­ment of the se­cond co­ming of Christ

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The se­cond co­ming of Christ is a cent­ral theme in the Bib­le. Je­sus said that no one ex­cept for God knows the exact time. God’s word ex­horts us to fol­low the signs of ti­mes and to be re­a­dy at eve­ry mo­ment.

We will all be awa­ke­ned

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Co­rinth was a busy city where life was world­ly. The Lord ap­pe­a­red to Paul in a dream and ex­hor­ted him to pre­ach the word of God bold­ly in Co­rinth.

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