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God’s will to­ward man is good

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The old Chris­ti­an Doct­ri­ne says in ac­cor­dan­ce with the Bib­le: ”God, who has cre­a­ted us, has inst­ruc­ted us to obey his will in our li­ves. God has made his holy will known to us in his law. God’s law re­qui­res us to be truth­ful, righ­te­ous, and pure in thoughts, words, and deeds.” God’s good will is the law of life, me­ant to pro­tect the life cre­a­ted by him and all things that are holy and pre­ci­ous in it. God wants all pe­op­le to pos­sess eter­nal life.

God ma­ni­fests Him­self

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Man has ne­ver been ab­le to re­ach God and His gre­at­ness through his own un­ders­tan­ding. The Old Tes­ta­ment prop­het Isai­ah wri­tes:”Ve­ri­ly thou art a God that hi­dest thy­self, O God of Is­ra­el, the Sa­vi­our” (Isai­ah 45:15). Isai­ah al­so wri­tes: “For my thoughts are not yo­ur thoughts, neit­her are yo­ur ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the he­a­vens are hig­her than the earth, so are my ways hig­her than yo­ur ways, and my thoughts than yo­ur thoughts” (Isai­ah 55:8–9).

The Triu­ne God

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The Bib­le is the book of sal­va­ti­on, and it’s cent­ral mes­sa­ge is the proc­la­ma­ti­on of Je­sus Christ and the re­demp­ti­on pre­pa­red by Him. The Bib­le al­so tel­ls what God is like and how He works.

I have fought the good fight

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Apost­le Paul was fa­mi­li­ar with the con­tem­po­ra­ry cul­tu­re and the va­lue that was pla­ced on sport. Sin­ce he knew that no­ti­ons of com­pe­ti­ti­on were pre­va­lent in pe­op­le’s thoughts, he of­ten com­pa­red the life of a Chris­ti­an to the run­ning of a race. He al­so wan­ted to show that the sig­ni­fi­can­ce and des­ti­na­ti­on of the en­de­a­vor in faith are much gre­a­ter than any at­tain­ment of tem­po­ral go­als.

God, Cre­a­tor of the world

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Ac­cor­ding to the Apos­to­lic Creed, God is the Cre­a­tor of the he­a­ven and the earth. The first ver­se of the Bib­le exp­res­ses this simp­ly and cle­ar­ly: ”In the be­gin­ning God cre­a­ted the he­a­ven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).

Edi­to­ri­al: Faith is God’s gift

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Ac­cor­ding to Je­sus’ te­ac­hing, child­ren be­lie­ve in him. God gi­ves each child who is born in­to this world the gift of faith (Matt. 18:6). If a per­son does not have the op­por­tu­ni­ty to hear and be­lie­ve the gos­pel of the for­gi­ve­ness of sins, sin ta­kes over his he­art and he fal­ls away from the king­dom of God (Ef. 2:1). There are many pe­op­le in this world who live in un­be­lief, the king­dom of the wic­ked (Matt 13:38).

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– Hoo­si­an­na! Siu­nat­tu ol­koon hän, joka tu­lee Her­ran ni­mes­sä! Siu­nat­tu isäm­me Daa­vi­din val­ta­kun­ta, joka nyt tu­lee! Hoo­si­an­na kor­keuk­sis­sa! Mark. 11:9–10

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